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What’s in a name? Welcome to South East Yoga and Wellbeing!

Welcome to South East Yoga and Wellbeing.

When deciding on a name for this business I wanted something simple & obvious.  Something that would encompass my location & what I do. Therefore, South East Yoga and Wellbeing derives from our location, which services the South East corridor of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Looking also for a more deeper meaning led me to research what the words ‘south east’ also connected with. I discovered some ideology from Chinese Feng Shui, Celtic symbolism & Indigenous American beliefs that I really resonated with.

We are about the present; being in the now and discovering what the future holds.
South East Yoga upholds the values of compassion, sincerity and trust.
We connect to the authentic self through creativity, passion, adventure and building belief in your physical and emotional strength.
We aim to awaken the light and inspiration in everyone.

We are also about having fun, making new friends & the learning of life long skills to promote optimal wellbeing.

The vision:

To influence children’s mental health wellbeing in early childhood so they grow into happy & peaceful adults who impact the world with positivity.

The mission:

To inspire early childhood educators to use yoga as a tool in their early childhood service to support children’s mental health wellbeing so they thrive. 

South East Yoga prides ourselves on being creative and passionate. 

Join our Facebook community – The Children’s Yoga Academy for Educators – for loads of tips and inspiration. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime for support, ideas or for bookings.

Nic Russell 

South East Yoga and Wellbeing.