About Us

Our vision is to influence children’s and students mental health wellbeing so they grow into happy and peaceful adults who impact the world with positivity. 

South East Yoga and Wellbeing impacts the holistic wellbeing of children, students and educators in the early childhood education and care sector and schools with Empowered Mind EdYoga Play, Wellbeing Warrior and Wayapa Wuurrk Programs.

Through Children’s Sessions, professional development, mentoring and online courses and resources we help you to embed programs that will enhance the wellbeing of the children and students in your care.

You can find our online courses and resources here.

We aim to:

Inspire early childhood educators to use yoga practices and principles as a tool in their early childhood education and care services to support children’s mental health wellbeing so they thrive. We are passionate about supporting educator wellbeing too!

Promote positive mental health wellbeing in schools so that students feel empowered to take control of their own wellbeing so they embrace their lives and do well at school.

Connect more deeply with Mother Earth through Indigenous perspectives and ways of thinking through Wayapa Wuurrk Programs. Suitable for all ages above 3 years.

Meet Nic

Hi, I’m Nic, owner of South East Yoga and Wellbeing. I am a parent to 3 big people, a lover of beach yoga and last time I went into an ice cream shop, I literally did a happy dance. Needless to say, I love ice cream! 

As an educator of 30 years, I always believed sound social and emotional skills in children were a crucial aspect of their early childhood development.

When I discovered children’s yoga I realised it had so many benefits for children such as developing stronger emotional literacy, calmer minds, quieter bodies, greater physical ability, self regulation, enhanced focus and most importantly, self awareness. When we connect more deeply to the self, we are able to respond in a much better way. It makes regulating so much easier, for example!

If children feel good about themselves, they are more likely to thrive, try new things, become resilient and interact positively with others.
Ultimately they grow into happier young people and adults. This was the driving force behind why I was passionate about creating yoga programs and professional development specific to the early childhood education and care sector. Following that I developed age appropriate primary and secondary school programs.

I look forward to supporting you and the children in your care, wellbeing journey!

Nic’s professional experience

  • Director & Area Manager of early childhood education services
  • Early childhood services educator
  • TAFE Early Childhood Education & Care educator
  • TAFE Early Childhood Education & Care Placement Co-ordinator
  • Yoga studio based children & youth yoga classes
  • Meditation facilitator
  • Office yoga programs
  • Pre/ post natal yoga sessions
  • Wayapa Wuurrk practitioner
  • Playgroup yoga sessions
  • Guest presenter at conferences & presentations
  • VCAL educator


  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Melbourne
  • Zenergy Yoga
  • Byron Yoga
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Bliss Baby Yoga
  • Mental Health First Aid Australia
  • Melbourne Meditation Centre
  • Wayapa Wuurrk Diploma
  • Wayapa in Education
  • Chisholm Institute
  • Certificate IV TAE
  • Associate Diploma Early Childhood


  • Yoga Australia Children’s Yoga Committee 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

Guest Writing

The Sector – Early education news, views & reviews

Guest Speaking

At conferences and seminars, including:

  • Bright Start Conference December 2022
  • ECTA 47th Early Childhood Conference June 2022
  • MindBe Preschool Mindfulness Summit March 2022
  • Yarra Ranges Early Childhood Education Network, August 2018 & 2019, Feb 2022
  • Campference – Nurture by Nature November 2021 and August 2022
  • Playgroup Victoria, 2020/ 2021 postponed indefinitely
  • Windermere, Family Day Care, October 2018
  • Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA), May 2018
  • Yoga Australia Conference, March 2018