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The Power of Stillness

Imagine an 8 year old child who is energetic and loud and finds it hard to sit still. This child always has something to say and likes to draw attention to herself. She participates in your activities but distracts others with her lively and spirited nature.

Then you direct the children to sit down, cross legged and chime your Tibetan Singing Bowl once, asking them to close their eyes while they listen to the sound.

The 8 year old is still. She listens intently to the sound and remains that way long after the vibration of the bowl has ceased. Other children have opened their eyes but she remains quiet, eyes closed, with a serene look on her face.

When you see stillness in children, you see peace. As Educators and Yoga Teachers it is our duty to understand through these moments of stillness, we will gain so much more from them in the long run and they will benefit profoundly.

Children and young people need brain breaks. They need to stop and rest their minds as well as their bodies. We need to give them the opportunity to take these mini breaks so they experience the feeling of calmness and know that it is within their power to create this. Just sitting quietly is challenging, so offer them another option to focus instead. The Singing Bowl is a wonderful choice of options.

Buying a good quality bowl is important so that beautiful sounds are emanated. Find a bowl with a tone that resonates with you. There are many sites online that you could begin your research with. Play with your bowl to become familiar with it so that you can find ease when using it. There are cheaper ones out there but they are often tinny and don’t give you the amazing character of a handmade, quality instrument.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl has magic powers! Know how to use your bowl to its full potential. Until you see the influence this instrument has on your cohort, you will wonder why you have not used it before. I use this in all classes, from the very young to the youth who I teach. I use it in my yoga classes, early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools.
I have also used it with adults to gain their attention!

With the Singing Bowl, you can you use it in a few of ways –

• Meditation activity – Lie or sit still and create soft continuous sounds allowing the sound to wash over your cohort. Bring their focus to the vibrational sounds. This is a fantastic experience if you have more than one bowl with all different tones.

• Mindfulness activity – Sit cross legged, have them close their eyes. Listen to the sound. When the sound stops, open your eyes and raise your hand. Encourage listening, not talking. This is a great experience to begin any class with as it creates focus.
• Gaining attention – instead of using your voice, create the sound of the bowl to signify to your cohort to stop and listen. Use it also to convey transition times in your educational environment.
• Soothing upset children – especially babies. The beautiful frequency of the bowl taps into a part of your brain that helps to calm you down.
• Child lead – give your cohort the opportunity to lead a meditation/ mindfulness activity so they can connect with the bowl on another level. They will be able to feel the actual vibration of the bowl as it resonates, on their hand. You can ‘feel’ the sound. Giving them some ownership over creating calm is a wonderful way for them to share this peace with their peers.

Buy a good quality bowl, know your bowl and share the power of this bowl. You will find that if used with positive intentions, the Tibetan Singing Bowl will reward you as an educator or teacher, many times over. Give your children and young people the sense of stillness through beautiful tones and vibrations, that will resonate with them long after the sound dwindles.