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Early childhood yoga and linking to the VEYLF

How can you integrate Yoga and the VEYLF?

Through fun, creative and yoga based programs you can integrate many concepts that underpin the five learning outcomes in the Victorian Early Years Learning Framework.

Children have a strong sense of identity
Identity is shaped by experiences, once they feel like they belong then they foster a sense of “I am respected”, “I am significant”, ‘I am empathetic”, “I care”, “I am resilient”.
Develop strong relationships with the children to ensure they become autonomous and confident.

Children are connected with and contribute to their world
If children feel good about themselves then they start to become interested in belonging to the outside community.
Create environments where children build respectful relationships within the group by role modelling positive behaviour. Children will learn how to respond appropriately to those within their group.

Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
A strong sense of wellbeing is paramount in building happy, resilient children.
Ensure children learn skills about physical fitness, nutrition, looking after our bodies, how to deal with stress and our emotions, and develop positive relationships with those in the group. If children have a positive sense of self and feel happy, they will develop independence and have a willingness to explore.

Children are confident and involved learners
Children learn when they feel connected.
Involve families where possible or other Educators and Teachers who are their carers and mentors. By involving those significant adults around them, children are supported through a sense of carer continuity which encourages their active learning within different settings. Aim for children to be able to transfer what they learn from one context to another.

Children are effective communicators
Everyone in your sessions has the right to a voice! The louder the better! Ideas should be exchanged, questioned, negotiated and explored.
Foster a sense of acceptance of all cultural backgrounds and support this diversity through your music, instruments, themes, stories, props. Allow your’s and the children’s creativity to shine through, by introducing the modality of yoga and mindfulness.

Sessions should include lots of loudness, quietness, being slow and still, moving fast, individual play, partner work, using the floor, being indoors, going outdoors and having lots of fun!  


Would you like to know more about how yoga and mindfulness interrelates with each other?  Contact Nic  at South East Yoga and Wellbeing, for more information or to book a yoga and mindfulness session for your Early Childhood Service for children or Educators.
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