Yoga Play

Enhance children’s wellbeing with yoga

We empower you to facilitate & embed holistic yoga programs by giving you the knowledge while helping you to develop your confidence so that you impact children’s wellbeing in fun & meaningful ways. 

Each session is facilitated as an ‘incursion’ for children where educators are invited to join in.

During the incursion educators are shown how to facilitate a yoga session and what to facilitate so that children are 100% engaged at all times & therefore take in the learning.

To enable the educator to understand the frameworks of Yoga Play, coaching and professional development opportunities are available.

Services have the choice of investing in packages or individual sessions, professional development & online courses.

2, 4, 6 session packages available:

Packages include incursions, professional development, online courses & consultancy.

We Service:

3 and 4 year old early childhood education & care services

Funded kindergartens / preschools

Lower primary school – Foundation (Prep), Year 1 and 2 (VEYLDF)

The framework of a Yoga Play Program

The framework includes The 5 Elements of Yoga:

1. Breathing techniques

2.  Relaxation

3. Meditation

4. Yoga poses/ movement

5. Affirmations

These 5 elements encompass a holistic yoga program.

Children who are faced with the challenges of being still may find relaxation or quiet times challenging. This is why learning stillness through movement is one of the best ways to teach children this skill.

Children learn through doing as they are natural explorers. During the Yoga Play Program they begin to understand their mind body connection more which enables them to tune into what is going on between their thoughts & their body. Once they acquire this connection skill, children are more likely to find comfort & ease in their stillness.

Yoga Play uses interactive stories, music, instruments, literacy, movement, concepts & resources to engage children through all of The 5 Elements.

Yoga Play for early childhood education services is underpinned by the National Quality Standard & the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Frameworks. We use the CASEL & Australian Student Wellbeing Frameworks to align our program with evidence based social and emotional learning (SEL) to ensure more meaningful wellbeing outcomes for children & educators. 

1 - Breathing techniques

2 - Relaxation

3 - Meditation

4 - Yoga poses/movement

5 - Affirmations

what people say

Nic has a warm positive energy that is incredibly infectious. She is open and welcoming and the children always feel at ease in her class.
I noticed how happy all the other kids were coming out of class and even saw kids doing yoga moves walking out of school! Looked like it was a very positive experience.