Wayapa Wuurrk Earth Mindfulness

For Early Childhood Education & Care services & schools.

Features of Wayapa® Earth Mindfulness Sessions & Programs:

  • Wayapa Wuurrk® translates to “Connect to the Earth” in the languages of the Peek Whuurrung Maara & GunaiKurnai Peoples.
  • Wayapa® is an earth connection embodiment practice based on ancient Indigenous wisdom of looking after the environment to create Earth Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing.
  • Combining ancient earth mindfulness, movement meditation and the storytelling of 14 Elements, Wayapa encourages children to connect more deeply to Mother Earth.
  • Wayapa fuses wellbeing with sustainable living empowering individuals to focus on how they can contribute to intergenerational, collective wellness while taking care of their own health.

Wayapa is practiced & facilitated with these 3 layers:

1. By observing the natural world

2. By sharing personal experiences of the elements

3. By adding cultural stories of the elements

Wayapa is very inclusive, it can be practiced by all humans, of varying ages & capacities.

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Wayapa Sessions

Each individual session is $300 for 1 hour.

During the session children will be guided through fun and mindful experiences & activities which are relevant to the time of year (solstices, seasons, events, celebrations) or relate to one or more of the 14 elements. These experiences & activities directly correlate to the concepts of sustainability, the environment or connecting to the natural world.

Children will also be guided through mindfulness movements based on the 14 elements. Each element has a story that is narrated so that children connect more deeply to their practice.

Wayapa discussions about how we can care for the earth and the relationship our ancestors had with the earth is interwoven throughout the session.

All resources are supplied, all you need is a large indoor or outdoor space for children to form a circle.

Programs can be individualised to suit your early childhood education environment over weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly time frames.

Wayapa sessions and programs are facilitated face to face throughout the South Eastern suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Online options are also available – call today for a free consultation.