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All Professional Development align with the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

“Holistic approaches to teaching and learning recognize the connectedness of mind, body and spirit. When early childhood educators take a holistic approach they pay attention to children’s physical, personal, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as cognitive aspects of learning.

While educators may plan or assess with a focus on a particular outcome or component of learning, they see children’s learning as integrated and interconnected. They recognize the connections between children, families and communities and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning. They see learning as a social activity and value collaborative learning and community participation.

An integrated, holistic approach to teaching and learning also focuses on connections to the natural world. Educators foster children’s capacity to understand and respect the natural environment and the interdependence between people, plants, animals and the land.”

(DEEWR, 2009).

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Professional Development specifically for educators – Empowered Mind Ed

South East Yoga and Wellbeing supports the early childhood education and care sector to build an empowered culture of wellbeing for leadership teams, educators, children and families.

We do things differently!

We focus on the individual first as the foundation for building positive relationships, teamwork and a greater sense of wellbeing.

We help to build emotional intelligence.

While there are many brilliant wellbeing programs on offer for the early childhood education and care sector, none dig deep into this one core principle –  
Where does our sense of wellbeing begin?

It begins with YOU and your understanding of self awareness.

Without a deeper sense of self awareness, we cannot sustain a culture of wellbeing in our early childhood settings because people cultivate culture not the environments, policies, procedures, staff meetings or even the language you use.
While all these elements promote a healthy workplace, a strong sense of self improves the workplace culture exponentially.


  • Understand the physiological body’s role in being and staying well
  • Learn how the body creates stress and anxiety and how to move through it
  • Deepen your co-regulation skills 
  • Learn what mindfulness is and how it can be translated into the early childhood environment 
  • Embed practices and experiences that enhance mindfulness
  • Deepen connection to community and the natural world

Outcomes of this PD include:

  • Deepened knowledge of how to stay balanced for a calmer mind and body
  • Able to work through stress and anxiety in the moment
  • Calmer environments for both educators in the workplace and children in care settings
  • Enhanced relationships and a greater sense of belonging
  • Educators and children become more present and grounded
  • Early learning settings become more productive

For more information on Empowered Mind Ed professional development visit here or email info@southeastyogaandwellbeing.com

Professional Development 1 - Yoga Play National Quality Standards:

Quality Areas: 1, 2, 5, 6

Learning Outcomes:

Professional Development 1 - Yoga Play

Embedding meaningful and holistic yoga programs in early childhood education and care
2 hrs | $700 per service or online $600

Understanding what The 5 Elements of Yoga are assists early childhood educators in learning how to embed yoga into their programs better.

There are 2 ways to use The 5 Elements; incorporate as a a full yoga session or break each element into bite size chunks to embed throughout your day. We unpack what this looks like and the impact it has on wellbeing for both educators and children.

The level of confidence and knowledge educators have will determine how successful the yoga program is. We look at your role as a facilitator and how important it is to develop a whole team approach.

Outcomes include equipping educators with the ability to understand more about yoga practices and principles and to have greater confidence in implementing yoga sessions that are holistic and meaningful. We guide you to embed wellbeing practices that will benefit social and emotional development for children and positive mental health wellbeing for educators.

Professional Development 2 - Yoga Play

Master creativity and the use of resources to enhance your early childhood yoga program
2.5 hrs | $750 per service or online $650

This course is a great follow on from Professional Development 1: ‘Embedding meaningful & holistic yoga programs in early childhood education and care’ or if you have an established yoga program in your service and have run out of ideas!

We Explore:

Discover how to use resources to enhance your yoga program. You will be shown how to interpret story books to formulate a yoga session, how to use puppets, every day resources from the $2 shop and how a couple of key purchases will make significant differences in your yoga program. 

The use of resources is limitless!

Opening up to creativity can help you to improvise and extend creatively on your current yoga program. This is directly related to developing your confidence. We explore how to build your confidence so that you become a natural and creative facilitator of your yoga sessions.

Session planning is crucial to a successful yoga program in your early childhood environment.

Without formulating a structure (especially early on when implementing your yoga programs) it can be challenging to maintain children’s engagement and your commitment.

We help you to not only achieve the ability to become more creative in your delivery but show you how to encourage children to use yoga in their day to day life (hint: children love sharing yoga with their families!).

National Quality Standards:

Quality Areas: 1, 2, 5, 6

Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:

Professional Development 3 - Yoga Play

Critical reflection for your early childhood yoga program
2 hours | $650 per service or $550 online

Participants have the opportunity to share any highlights or queries they have about what is working and what may not be working in their early childhood yoga program.

Looking into deeper into our why and finding ways to improve is an important aspect of critical reflection. There is plenty of opportunity for discussion around whether yoga has become part of your service’s culture. Walk away with clear steps to build on what you already have.

Reflect and revise your existing yoga program with confidence.

National Quality Standards:

Quality Areas: 1, 2, 5, 6

what people say

I would highly recommend Nic’s yoga course for early childhood educators. This 10 week course can be completed in your own time and with lots of support from Nic. It provides such great ideas, lesson plans and ideas to extend/ modify to suit the needs of any group of children. Each session plan can be offered as a whole or you can just choose parts of it depending on time/ room constraints and children’s interest. I’m loving implementing the activities and strategies to the young children I teach. Thankyou Nic.
Susan Jane -
This course has not only been educational but enjoyable. Nic is a very friendly and passionate educator who I have learnt lots from...This informative course taught me that storytelling is a powerful tool, that helps to develop communication skills, along with promoting imagination, creativity and other important cognitive and life skills...The course gave me excellent strategies...I thoroughly enjoyed this course as I found the course very easy to follow and practical.
I felt very inspired to make changes and add yoga and meditative practices to our daily program.
Keren -
preschool educator
Normally I have a lot of problems writing and being creative. But yesterday I was in a state of flow and it was a blast to write this mediation. This course has given me so many tools. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nic. And the kids loved it!
Lea Bresson -
children's yoga instructor