We’re passionate about establishing strong mental health foundations for educators, students and children through creative and impactful wellbeing professional development and programs  – Get your free yoga downloads here!

what we do

Our vision is to influence children’s & students mental health wellbeing so they grow into happy & peaceful adults who impact the world with positivity.

We aim to build early childhood educators wellbeing capacity through professional development opportunities.
We use yoga principles and practices and Indigenous perspectives as a tool to support children’s and educators mental health for ongoing positive health.

South East Yoga and Wellbeing impacts the holistic wellbeing of children, students & educators in the early childhood education and care sector & schools with Empowered Mind Ed, Yoga Play, Wellbeing Warrior & Wayapa Wuurrk Programs.

We facilitate Children’s Sessions, professional development, mentoring and provide online courses and resources to help you embed wellbeing in your early childhood and school setting.

Creating a culture of wellbeing in your educational setting begins with developing greater knowledge around self awareness which improves co-regulation, introspection and interoceptive skills. These skills form the foundation of social and emotional wellbeing. 

what people say

We have been very happy with the response from the students who indicate they have enjoyed learning more about how to manage their own emotions
school Principal
Nic's yoga classes provide an accepting and safe environment for children of all abilities. In conjunction with the yoga the kids learn relaxation techniques and meditation exercises. This is done through creative exercise that keep the kids engaged and interested in what they are learning. Thoroughly recommend it.
You have enlightened my teaching.
We saw so many positive changes in the children and received wonderful feedback from our parents. Not only did we see the many emotional and behavioural benefits we also saw their gross motor skills improve markedly, as well as their ability to focus and concentrate.