Wellbeing Warriors

Wellbeing Warrior Programs

Hands on wellbeing programs that engage students & builds relationships

The Wellbeing Warrior Program is curriculum aligned with the CASEL Framework and the Australian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums. 

Students increase emotional and social learning (SEL) through a framework that encompasses:

  • yoga & physical movement
  • relaxation
  • meditation & mindful experiences
  • discussion
  • reflection
Knowledge, action, respect & focus (KARF) underpin the Wellbeing Warrior Program
K – Knowledge – students learn to deepen the practice of self awareness & develop strategies to support mental health wellbeing.
A – Action – students practise strategies & are set a simple and relatable task to work on over the week.
R – Respectful Relationships – students develop a greater understanding of respect through deepening self awareness & social capability.
F – Focus – students learn skills to assist them in increasing awareness around how to focus better
The framework of the Wellbeing Warrior Program

Wellbeing Warrior Program is an 8 week program which involves 6 one hour face to face sessions for students. Student sessions start in week 2 & conclude in week 7. Each week we cover a different topic that will scaffold students’ wellbeing knowledge.Weeks 1 and 8 include Professional Development and Reflection opportunities for teachers & support educators to ensure they align with the framework and continue to embed the practices.

Schools have the option to choose from 1 of 3 yoga programs that will benefit their particular student group.

Outcomes of the Wellbeing Warrior Program

Participants will deepen knowledge around:

Self Awareness:

  • identifying emotions
  • self-perception
  • understanding strengths
  • self-confidence
  • self-efficacy

Self Management:

  • impulse control
  • stress management
  • self-discipline
  • self-motivation
  • goal-setting
  • organisational skills

Enhancing relationship skills & social awareness:

  • respect for everyone regardless of background
  • communication
  • social engagement
  • relationship building
  • teamwork

Responsible decision making:

  • identifying issues
  • analysing situations
  • problem solving
  • self-evaluation
  • self-reflection
  • responsibility

Students become active learners through their participation in discussion, action and reflection. 

Teachers and educators become active & dedicated facilitators through their increase in knowledge, action and commitment to improving SEL in their environment.

The Wellbeing Warrior Program is curriculum aligned with the CASEL and the Australian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums.

what people say

I thought yoga was a good experience for everyone in my class. I had not done yoga before but by the end of it, I wanted to do it again!
12 Years
I like Nic because she is kind and good at teaching me.
8 Years
My yoga classes are a place to meet new friends, learn new things and have fun. Everyone there is nice and it's not just yoga, you also learn about mindfulness and meditation that I love doing at the end of the day.
14 Years
Nic has a warm positive energy that is incredibly infectious. She is open and welcoming and the children always feel at ease in her class.