Wellbeing Warriors

Wellbeing Warrior Programs

Hands on wellbeing programs that engage students & builds relationships

The Wellbeing Warrior Program is curriculum aligned with the CASEL Framework and the Australian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums. 

Students increase emotional and social learning (SEL) through a framework that encompasses:

  • yoga & physical movement
  • relaxation
  • meditation & mindful experiences
  • discussion
  • reflection
Knowledge, action, respect & focus (KARF) underpin the Wellbeing Warrior Program
K – Knowledge – students learn to deepen the practice of self awareness & develop strategies to support mental health wellbeing.
A – Action – students practise strategies & are set a simple and relatable task to work on over the week.
R – Respectful Relationships – students develop a greater understanding of respect through deepening self awareness & social capability.
F – Focus – students learn skills to assist them in increasing awareness around how to focus better
The framework of the Wellbeing Warrior Program

Wellbeing Warrior Program is an 8 week program which involves 6 one hour face to face sessions for students. Student sessions start in week 2 & conclude in week 7. Each week we cover a different topic that will scaffold students’ wellbeing knowledge.Weeks 1 and 8 include Professional Development and Reflection opportunities for teachers & support educators to ensure they align with the framework and continue to embed the practices.

Schools have the option to choose from 1 of 3 yoga programs that will benefit their particular student group.

Outcomes of the Wellbeing Warrior Program

Participants will deepen knowledge around:

Self Awareness:

  • identifying emotions
  • self-perception
  • understanding strengths
  • self-confidence
  • self-efficacy

Self Management:

  • impulse control
  • stress management
  • self-discipline
  • self-motivation
  • goal-setting
  • organisational skills

Enhancing relationship skills & social awareness:

  • respect for everyone regardless of background
  • communication
  • social engagement
  • relationship building
  • teamwork

Responsible decision making:

  • identifying issues
  • analysing situations
  • problem solving
  • self-evaluation
  • self-reflection
  • responsibility

Students become active learners through their participation in discussion, action and reflection. 

Teachers and educators become active & dedicated facilitators through their increase in knowledge, action and commitment to improving SEL in their environment.

The Wellbeing Warrior Program is curriculum aligned with the CASEL, Australian Student Wellbeing Frameworks and the Australian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums.

what people say

I thought yoga was a good experience for everyone in my class. I had not done yoga before but by the end of it, I wanted to do it again!
12 Years
I like Nic because she is kind and good at teaching me.
8 Years
Yoga is soothing and relaxing and I get so tired after, that I fall asleep easily that night.
11 Years
My yoga classes are a place to meet new friends, learn new things and have fun. Everyone there is nice and it's not just yoga, you also learn about mindfulness and meditation that I love doing at the end of the day.
14 Years