Wellbeing Warrior Programs promote positive mental health.

Hands on wellbeing programs that engage students 

Each school Wellbeing Warrior Program uses the CASEL model and aligns with the Victorian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums.

Students develop emotional literacy & regulation, knowledge about the brain & learn to deepen their relationships with themselves & others through a set framework that encompasses movement, relaxation, meditation, discussion & journaling. 

Knowledge, action, respect & focus (KARF) underpin the Wellbeing Warrior Program.

K – Knowledge – students learn to connect more deeply to their own sense of self & develop strategies to support mental health wellbeing.

A – Action – students practice strategies & are set a simple relatable task to work on over the week.

R – Respect – students work towards what this looks like within a social setting & understand how it feels to respect themselves.

F – Focus – students are taught how to redirect attention by noticing what is going on in mind.

Professional Development

Teachers join in each session of the Wellbeing Warrior Program so they develop skills to further support their students. These skills can be used in the classroom outside of the program for ongoing mental health wellbeing.

Schools have the choice of online or face to face professional development that reinforces what students are learning in the Wellbeing Warrior Program.