Wellbeing Warrior Programs promote positive mental health through deepening connection.

Hands on wellbeing programs that engage students & builds relationships

Each school Wellbeing Warrior Program is curriculum aligned with the CASEL model and the Australian Curriculum – Personal and Social Capability & Health and Physical Education curriculums.

Students develop emotional literacy & regulation, knowledge about the brain & learn to deepen their relationships with themselves & others through a set framework that encompasses movement, relaxation, meditation, discussion & reflection. 

Knowledge, action, respect & focus (KARF) underpin the Wellbeing Warrior Program.

K – Knowledge – students learn to connect more deeply to their own sense of self & develop strategies to support mental health wellbeing.

A – Action – students practice strategies & are set a simple relatable task to work on over the week.

R – Respectful Relationships – students learn the essence of respect through connecting more deeply with who they are

F – Focus – students are taught how to redirect attention by noticing what is going on in mind.

The framework of the Wellbeing Warrior Program

Wellbeing Warrior Program is an 8 week program which involves 6 one hour face to face sessions for students. Student sessions start in week 2 & each week we cover a different topic that will scaffold students wellbeing knowledge.

Schools have the option to choose from 1 of 3 yoga programs that will benefit their own student group.

Students become active learners through their participation in discussion, action and reflection.

We service:

  • Primary Schools – Foundation to Year 6 (see also Yoga Play Program for Foundation to Year 2)
  • Secondary Schools – year 7 – Year 12 (specialising in VCE wellbeing)

Professional Development

Teachers join in each session of the Wellbeing Warrior Program with their students so they develop the skills to further support their cohort. These skills are encouraged to be used daily in the classroom for ongoing wellbeing promotion.

Schools have the choice of online or face to face professional development which outlines the Wellbeing Warrior Program. This is typically presented in week 1 of the program. During week 8 teachers attend a final session that encompasses teacher wellbeing strategies, reflection & how to continually embed practices. 


The Wellbeing Warrior Program is not for schools who participate in a program then forget about it. Teachers become active participants & are supported throughout the program.

We are passionate about changing the way you look at wellbeing by embedding actionable techniques into the classroom with ease.

We focus on involving & educating the teacher every step of the way so that practices are embedded. 

These face to face programs allow learning to become integrated more than any online course can!


Wellbeing Warrior Programs aim to simplify wellbeing techniques in a way that is the natural birth right of all human beings – to live with presence, to feel comfortable in stillness & to be naturally happy.