Yoga Programs for Secondary Schools 

Suitable for students attending any form of educational environment.

South East Yoga and Wellbeing Yoga Programs for Secondary Schools incorporates a balance of moving and stretching through introducing simple yoga postures.

Our yoga is perfect for beginners.  All yoga postures are taught safely and respectfully.

As part of building confidence and social connectedness, we also introduce working together and team building, through group and partner yoga.  This is often a wonderful part of our sessions, enjoyed greatly by the students.

Students are taught mindfulness and meditation techniques, as well as the science behind these concepts and how they can affect us.  They learn to pause and tune into their five senses.

We run our Yoga Programs for Secondary Schools either in the classroom, outside or in larger areas such as gyms.

Our programs follow the Victorian Code of Ethical Practice to ensure our practices underpin ethical values for young people as well as integrating the Victorian Curriculum to ensure relevancy.


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