Yoga Programs for Primary Schools

Children love to share their newly learnt yoga skills with their families!

Our Yoga Programs for Primary Schools are suitable for Foundation level right through to Year 6.  The whole school can benefit from implementing a program which supports social and emotional development.  Children are taught how to self regulate and manage their feelings.  

At South East Yoga we teach children how to connect to their breath, slow down, recognise their feelings and what choices they can make to feel better.

Our Yoga Programs for Primary Schools has researched benefits that interrelate with physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development, such as increased strength and flexibility, improved focus and resilience and a greater sense of compassion and empathy.

We bring yoga mats to you, setting up in the classroom, outside or in an enclosed space such as a gym.

Yoga Programs for Primary Schools can be a one off experience, fitting in with Wellbeing Days for example. We also tailor an ongoing program that will run for a period of time, such as the 4-6 week program.  The extended program allows concepts to be integrated into the school community.

South East Yoga and Wellbeing supports students through linking the Victorian Curriculum, General Capabilities into the sessions. 

Our yoga and mindfulness programs are designed to merge concepts in the areas of Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Ethical Understanding and Intercultural Understanding. We also support the subjects of Music and Health and Physical Education.

We use themed concepts that underpin areas that a school may choose to address or left to the discretion of South East Yoga and Wellbeing. Yoga Programs may consist of topics such as –

  • Building Balance
  • Stronger and Stronger
  • Yoga Challenges
  • Yoga Games
  • Classroom Mindfulness
  • Partner Work
  • Chair Yoga
  • Happiness


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Primary School Yoga & Mindfulness


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