Yoga Play programs for kindergarten are lots of fun!  

Enhance children’s mental health wellbeing through yoga.

Yoga Play programs for kindergarten can be funded through School Readiness Funding. The way this works is in the delivery of the yoga sessions. Each session is facilitated as an ‘incursion’ for children while educators join in. During the session, role modelling, teaching and collaboration is used to ensure the educator is learning new skills.

Follow up emails, phone or Zoom conversations, a written copy of the session, access to the Yoga Play Content Library & Your Yoga Toolkit Program, plus more, guarantees educators come away with the skills required to facilitate their own meaningful yoga programs. 

Yoga Play programs for kindergarten promotes connection. At South East Yoga and Wellbeing, we know that this is at the forefront in building strong, independent and capable people.

There are 5 key elements which encompass the Yoga Play program. These include breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, yoga poses & movement and affirmations. 

Yoga Play for kindergarten underpins the National Quality Standards.


  • Kindergartens / preschools

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