Yoga Play programs for kindergartens are lots of fun!  

We show children how to become mindful through Yoga Play programs.

Yoga Play programs for kindergarten children promote connection to themselves, their environment and their community. At South East Yoga and Wellbeing, we know that this is at the forefront in building strong, independent and capable people.

We incorporate mindfulness during quiet times such as at the beginning or end of a session. Relaxation techniques include listening to music, story telling, focussing on breathing, noticing body sensations or simply sitting with their eyes closed.

Our  Yoga Play programs engage the child by providing age appropriate and creative yoga sessions that support social and emotional development. Lots of drama, games, role playing and music allows children to explore movement in a fun way. The yoga postures enhance physical abilities such as co-ordination, flexibility and strength.

Yoga Programs for kindergartens underpin the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Outcomes and the Practice Principles as outlined in the VEYLF.


  • Kindergartens / preschools

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