Welcome to South East Yoga and Wellbeing.

Our name derives from our location, which services the south east of Melbourne, Victoria.

The meaning of South East also connects to Chinese Feng Shui, Celtic symbolism & Native American beliefs.

By incorporating these holistic concepts, our yoga philosophy is all about new beginnings and new growth.

It is about the present; being in the now and what the future holds.
We uphold the values of compassion, sincerity and trust.
We connect to the authentic self through creativity, passion, adventure and building belief in your physical and emotional strength.
We aim to awaken the light and inspiration in everyone.

We are also about having fun, making new friends & the learning of life long skills to help you be the best you, that you really are.

Yoga in Schools and Community Yoga is not what we would call a typical yoga session.  With our knowledge on early childhood, primary and secondary years, we know how to engage individuals in a group setting.  Our programs are lots of fun and we believed that the only rule required, is the rule of respect.  More on this later…

We aim to provide blog posts, Instagram and Facebook posts that inspire you and act as guides for educational purposes.  

Please feel free to contact us anytime for support, ideas or for bookings.