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Using yoga to inspire communities to enhance everyone’s wellbeing.

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Hi, I’m Nic Russell, the founder of South East Yoga & Wellbeing and the creator of two awesome yoga programs; Earth Mother Yoga and Yoga Play for kindergartens.

I believe a positive yoga community has the power to change your life!

Not only do you understand your body better through yoga but you begin to understand your mind better. The relationship with yourself then extends outward and you find yourself relating to others differently, more kindly.

About Earth Mother Yoga 

There were a couple of things I struggled with as a mum with young children; isolation and time for myself.
The days seemed so long and there weren’t many of my friends who had children or lived close enough by for regular catch ups.

Mothers’ Group filled a little void but it didn’t fill the other days of the week or month. I had to rely on additional people to look after my children during the day if I wanted to go anywhere, and my yoga practise definitely went wayside. It wasn’t like I could bring them to yoga! I wanted to practise but it was just all too hard!
Self care for myself took a back seat to the convenience of not leaving the house.

I missed exercise and I missed being social.

Earth Mother Yoga came about because mums were asking if I knew of any yoga sessions they could bring their children to. Post natal classes typically don’t take crawlers or walkers, only non-mobile babies.
These conversations reminded me of the challenge of finding carers for my little ones, just so I could sneak off for an hour or two.

Earth Mother Yoga was created so mums could bring their children to yoga with them. To connect, move, stretch, build strength, share stories, learn new concepts about yoga, develop mindfulness practises and feel like they belong to something that is all round inclusive. No babysitters required!
Oh & it’s fun too! Think, mother’s group with yoga.

About Yoga Play 

*Yoga Play is currently in the process of applying to be on the School Readiness Funding Menu for 2022. Although not currently on the Menu, Yoga Play was funded by SRF & implemented in kindergartens during 2019 and 2020. Please contact Nic 0428 578 009 for more details*

As an educator of 30 years, I always believed sound social & emotional skills in children were a crucial aspect of early childhood development.

If children feel good about themselves, they are more likely to thrive, try new things, become resilient & interact positively with others. Ultimately they then become happier young people and adults. This was the driving force behind why I was passionate about creating yoga programs for early childhood.

I’d been practising yoga for awhile when one of my yoga instructors suggested I do a children’s yoga training. So I completed a 3 day Rainbow Kids yoga course which reminded me not to take life so seriously & to have fun! Fun is a big component of of the Yoga Play programs. Also, completing my level 1 teacher training with Byron Yoga & Bliss Baby Yoga, allowed me to further my knowledge on all things yoga.

Yoga Play programs have been in yoga studios, schools and early childhood education services since February 2016.
One of my favourite aspects of facilitating yoga, is helping to guide children to be the ‘master of their minds and bodies’ or in other words, empowering them to be their own superhero!  2021 sees these programs specialising in kindergartens only.

Yoga has so many benefits for children (just search, it’s all over the internet!). By establishing safe, supportive communities during a Yoga Play session, educators learn to assist children to develop life skills, for example, listening, respect, turn taking, that help them cope better in group situations, such as kindergarten and school.

My vision is that every child will have the ability to use their yoga superpowers to find inner peace and radiate happiness for optimal wellbeing.

I’d like to think that South East Yoga gets us all one step closer to finding unity within our community.
I can’t wait to meet you, Nic 

Who am I & what’s my experience?

  • parent to two daughters and one son
  • room educator in early childhood education services
  • director & area manager of early childhood education services
  • TAFE early childhood education & care educator
  • VCAL educator
  • yoga studio based children & youth yoga classes
  • yoga & mindfulness school based programs
  • office yoga programs
  • playgroup yoga sessions
  • meditation facilitator

I have also trained with –

  • Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Zenergy Yoga
  • Bryon Yoga
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga Melbourne
  • Bliss Baby Yoga
  • Melbourne Meditation Centre
  • Mental Health First Aid Australia


Weekly Classes 

Nic is currently teaching:

New online courses available! 


Earth Mother Yoga at Toomah Community Centre, Pakenham, on Wednesday’s 10-11am (postponed)

Contact Nic on 0428578009 for further details.

Nic Russell

Nic Russell

Guest Speaking 

At conferences and seminars, including:

Yoga Australia, March 2018
Early Learning Association Australia (ELAA), May 2018
Yarra Ranges Early Childhood Education Network, August 2018, 2019
Windermere, Family Day Care, October 2018

Guest Writing

The Sector -Early education news, views & reviews


Yoga Australia Committee Member, Yoga for Children Working Group, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Nic Russell is a Registered Level 1 Teacher with Yoga Australia
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